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About Pan African Speakers Bureau

You have a lot of options, and we don’t take your business for granted. Pan African Speakers Bureau (PASB) is in the constant pursuit of ways to make your events smoother, better. This is what set Pan African apart:

Our Story

Founded by Mwiti Peterson and Muchunku Linus through our passion in public speaking we set out a plan on how we can launch our public speaking careers in order to inspire excellence in organizations. At the onset of our plans we asked ourselves a question of how can we reach out to more people and organizations through our speaking engagements. That question turned out to be our ‘defining moment’ and from that moment an idea was born that we should seek to represent speakers who will bring real business value to the organizations they address and the best analysis, insight and commentary to audiences in the public sphere. For the next weeks and months, we did what many start-ups must do to succeed. Wake up early and go to bed late at night, we obsessed about every small detail, and we learned from our mistakes. There were no vacations; we often worked seven days a week. We were driven, always thinking, planning, and rethinking, but most importantly, we were networking intensely and building relationships. Pan African Speakers’ Bureau is set to revolutionize  the speaking industry in Kenya and the larger Africa by setting the standard for commitment trust and excellence.


    Co-founder Pan African Speakers Bureau

    Linus is a Personal Finance Consultant helping young and old on the...
  • Mwiti Peterson

    Co founder pan African speakers bureau, Entrepreneur The Ultimate Impact Speaker, Leadership graduate student, Philanthropist

    Mwiti Peterson  beat the odds! Despite growing up in a village surrounded...

Our values

Pan African does not provide just service, but solutions. We work with you to meet your program objectives whether you need a business visionary, moderator, leadership expert, inspirational, motivational speaker, corporate and government leader —be it for a keynote, debate, informal luncheon or ongoing conversations addressing key issues. Our word is our bond—a guarantee of exceptional performance that has resulted in unwavering loyalty from those we serve—both speakers and clients.

Great leaders and experts have chosen pan African Speakers Bureau to represent them exclusively on the strength of a handshake. They have put their trust in us, which has set the speakers bureau standard for integrity, service and quality. With confidence in our values, our keynote speakers have joined a company that is built on our dedication to excellence.