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Training and Workshops


Workshops are a great opportunity for your employees or team members to apply new ideas to their work by engaging in interactive activities and dialogue guided by an expert. In a classroom-type setting, participants may use workbooks or other learning aides as they share ideas and ask questions as they go deeper with material from the original keynote or new material. At the intersection of leadership and learning, going beyond the keynote is the best way to ensure transformational change within any organization.


  1. Change
  2. Communication and presentation skills
  3. Corporate culture
  4. Creativity at work
  5. Customer experience
  6. Emotional intelligence
  7. Execution and accountability
  8.  High performance teams
  9. Human capital and talent management
  10. Innovation for growth
  11. Sales; predictive revenue
  12. Branding and marketing
  13. Leadership excellence
  14. Work life balance