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Derek Bbanga

Feb 07, 2017 Linus Muchunku 0 comments
Strategic Communications Skills and Image Strategist, Keynote Speaker and Corporate Emcee

Derek works with organizations and professionals on improving the necessary soft skills, people branding, communication skills, and image which are crucial ingredients for success today. He calls these strategic communications tools – he works on equipping people with the strategic communications tools to enable them to carry out their duties with an air of confidence, sophistication and above all – professionalism that will mark them out as the best in the business. He believes your professional image should reflect your position, the organization’s mission, and how you interact with others can influence perceptions of your skills, talents, performance, and career advancements. When conducting business, implementing effective soft skills is key to business success and when leaders gain a better understanding of how to strategically position other’s perception of them, they can capitalize on the business at hand and have a more positive impact on their own organization’s bottom line. Derek has helped his many clients develop an image and brand that truly represents who they are and how they want to be seen.

The organizations he has worked with range from banking and insurance, telecoms and the media including senior executives, managers, professionals, athletes, public figures, politicians and students. He has trained staff from organizations as diverse as Barclays Bank, EABL, The Kenya Women Parliamentary Association, ILRI, IFC, KPMG, Safaricom, KTN, Miss World Kenya, Rusinga Schools, Tribe Hotel and Toyota East Africa.

Derek is a well known contributor in the media giving advice on communication skills, branding and image. He has a monthly column in several magazines including The Edition Magazine, Kim Management Magazine and Drum Magazine. He is currently finishing writing his first book on Civility and Etiquette in Kenya. Derek has a political science degree from the U.S and studied for an MBA at the Helsinki School of Economics. He has had over 12 years working in the corporate world in finance and communications. He worked in New York for the financial services firm Bloomberg in business development. He also worked for the Edhec Risk Institute in France a leading asset management research centre where he did analysis and research on asset, risk and portfolio management. He was also a senior consultant for the UK based strategic communications consultancy africapractice. He set up the africapractice hub office in Nairobi and led the team in carrying out communication consultancy assignments for africapractice clients in East Africa like Africap, the Government of Kenya, Diageo and GTV.

Derek is also a keynote speaker at conferences, launches, sales meetings or team building sessions. He is known for his ability to connect with and capture an audience and has also emceed and moderated many events both local and international. Outside of Public Image, Derek is involved as an ambassador with the Pan African Advocacy group Africa 2.0 and he runs a modeling agency and is a certified part-time fitness and nutrition trainer.

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